Professionnal Business Coach
Life Coach

Are you open to look at your barriers in your life, what is holding you back? Are you willing and open to be coached? If so, what is dear to your heart?  Your financial situation?  Your career?  Your family?  Your love life?  Your health? Your communications? With your listening and your determination, I will make a difference in your life, if you want to make a difference in yours.

Who am I…?

I have acquired several years of training in personal development and coaching experience that allow me to help individuals and entrepreneurs set up a structure in their lives and their projects so they can achieve their goals.

I worked for different companies, in Quebec and Vancouver in business development for companies, in addition to being a Sales’ director. Through my experience I was fortunate to help schools raise money for various projects. This experience made me aware and sensitive to the needs of children across Quebec, therefore help the foundations for children is for me a contribution.

My Commitment :

Helping people return to who they really are as individuals and in their careers.

Provide tools to propel you towards success, freedom, full self-expression, prosperity and communicate effectively.

Contribute to the achievement of your dreams. What are they? It is possible for you to become rich or, if you prefer, financially independent as the word “rich” is taboo for some people.

It’s time to live the life your heart desires deep down! You might think that your financial situation does not allow you to reach your goals. You then becoming aware of the relationship you have with money and with your past, as well as develop a way of being and thinking that will allow you to increase your income.